Summahtime Sadness by Lana Del Rey

Let's do this Who Charted countdown style... Coming in at #5. Senseless title. It's like saying Oxygen Bad Mood. Summah has nothing to do with her Sadness, she's in the dumps about saying goodbye to her loved one. She should have been proactive and tied up any romantic loose ends in Non- Summah. (Summah is won in Non- Summah.) 4. The lyrics on the verses are vibrant and confident but the chorus is sad. That's called a Summahtime Flip Flop. 3. Her downtrodden vocals must have been recorded in Winteh. She is moping like her vocal coach is Lurch from the Adams Family. 2. All that being said, I'm not a LDR hater. I'm hoping she'll adjust to all the attention and progress nicely. 1.If she quickly drops an apology to Summah song, she still has a chance to be named ...First Lady of Summah 2012. In Summahtion, Keep the girl, lose the tune and Have A Summah!